1- Save the world !

2- Have fun ! and...

3- Make money !!!  


About the Company

The objective of Savenergy is to SAVE ENERGY and work for the use of renewable energy.


We are here to make life in our planet possible even for the children of our grandchildren. 


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Children in Africa need a better future. Biofuels is the way forward !!!


Biofuels will create jobs in the countryside and will enable countries to be free from oil dependency. But... it must be done in a sustainable way !



 We need to think outside the box ! New solutions need CREATIVITY:

    Solar energy in the interior of Mozambique used for charging the 12v battery.




    We should only consume the energy that we are able to produce.

    RENEWABLE ENERGY is a must !

    Sugar Cane is the crop with the highest yield  per hectare for the production of ethanol.

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